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This is Stirling Design.
We work with people's dreams.

Between you and your interior design dream are a million details. Renovations... Space planning... Kitchens, libraries, baths... Cabinetry design, lighting, ergonomics... Working with contractors, architects, expert carpenters... Carpeting, upholstery, furniture, art. The hottest materials or most authentic history... There are a million details, yes. But...

This is Stirling Design...
where it's all about you.

Since 1988 Julianne Stirling, of Stirling Design Associates, LLC has been creating home interiors that are personal and unique. She works with all modes, from traditional to contemporary, as she feels good design transcends style. Julianne's forte is discovering her clients' tastes and developing those likes and dislikes into wonderful styles all their own. The outcome is best described by a client who said, "When my guests come into my home, they don't say, 'you have a fabulous designer.' They say, 'you have great taste!'" To describe this process, she has chosen the maxim 'it's all about you.'

Stirling Design has an extensive library of catalogs and fabrics; and many skilled craftsmen who can custom build cabinets and furniture from Stirling's plans. Julianne's early experiences in business and corporate design are applied to the studio's office procedures, benefiting the clients by organizing the bits and pieces of the creative process. To Stirling Design's great satisfaction, their clients stay on forever.

Julianne is a Past President of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Her designs have appeared in local and national magazines. Julianne has been featured on HGTV, most recently participating in HGTV's highly acclaimed Designer's Challenge. In 2004, one of her kitchen projects was selected from a thousand entries as a regional winner in Sub Zero's National Kitchen Design Contest. Julianne attributes her good fortune to her wonderful clients and the trust they have in her to paint on the canvas of their lives.

Julianne Stirling, ASID
Stirling Design Associates, LLC


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